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Sleek Smart PressureBees

We’ve designed custom pressure sensors that are rugged and sleek and provide an easy way to detect pressure say, to act like push buttons or to set off alarms while someone steps on one or to detect if you’re sitting on it!

Coming soon to applications near you!

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Danta by Vaata

Glad to announce the beta launch of Danta by Vaata, a smart ‘industrial’ hand sanitizer dispenser. The first commercial product launch with Tinkerbee Inside powering all the embedded and API smarts 🙂

QC tests are now in progress (as of end-October 2020) and the product should be available in the market soon. Do reach out to Vaata ( if you need smart sanitizer dispensers for your office/ institution today!

Do reach out to us if you are interested to integrate our smart sensors into your products.