TempBee V4

We have completely upgraded and redesigned our TempBee devices. This is what the new avatar looks like: TempBees have an awesome updated v4 firmware that supports offline data backup of upto 500 data points and auto-sync, secure and fast device WiFi configuration from SenseSight dashboard apart from everything else that the older versions supported. These… Continue reading TempBee V4

Designing AgriBee V2

AgriBee is an intelligent multi-sensory device which when deployed in an agricultural/ farming/ gardening/ horticulture setup, helps monitor vital statistics that directly correlate to the plant growth and enables optimal utilization of resources like water, atmospheric moisture or temperature (especially in case of green-houses/ other controlled farming environments). After deploying the first version of AgriBee… Continue reading Designing AgriBee V2

Danta by Vaata

Glad to announce the beta launch of Danta by Vaata, a smart ‘industrial’ hand sanitizer dispenser. The first commercial product launch with Tinkerbee Inside powering all the embedded and API smarts 🙂 QC tests are now in progress (as of end-October 2020) and the product should be available in the market soon. Do reach out… Continue reading Danta by Vaata

LPWAN, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT: An introduction. Plain and simple

“I see people” Once upon a time there was the simple Internet and it was designed for people to exchange content with each other. Since it was implied that this Internet of People (IoP) was for obviously for people, it was simply known as the Internet. “People; meet Things” Then came the Things. Smart devices,… Continue reading LPWAN, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT: An introduction. Plain and simple

Bluetooth Low Energy devices

TinkerBee has developed capabilities around Nordic Semiconductor‘s BLE enabled SoCs in nRF51 series. We’ve played around with the powerful nRF51822 module and used the ARM mbed platform to develop one of our earliest (and may we say- revolutionary) products called EyeBee. Well, more on that soon. It is an awesome board designed by us, powered by a CR2030 button… Continue reading Bluetooth Low Energy devices