This is the age of smart gardening. Your plants need a smart companion to keep track of soil moisture, temperature and other atmospheric conditions 24×7. That enables you to provide your plants just the right amount of water and at just the right time so that they bloom just right!

AgriBee relays real-time soil and ambient conditions so that your smart-agri platform can make smart resource allocations for your smart plants.

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  • Truly wireless –WiFi enabled (LoRaWAN version also available)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides about a month of usage.
  • Real-time instant weather updates; < 1m latency
  • Readily available APIs for integration under 30 minutes!
  • Temperature measuring range -200C to 650C / -40F to 1490F
  • Atmospheric Pressure range 300 to 100 hPa
  • Humidity Scale 0 to 100
  • (Capacitive Insulated) Soil moisture with a reading 0 to 100
  • Power Supply Voltage 3.3 Volts

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